Bobo Kingdom - Boboverse

In addition to playable NFTs, B.o.W. offers an entire virtual Kingdom ready to be explored and built upon. And, of course, the opportunity to capitalize on monetization prospects with our gaming experience!


The Bobo Kingdom consists of 4 continents (Byrus, Beldova, Breawruth and Brussia), each of which houses a finite number of Bobo soldiers to protect their home continent. Security is taken very seriously by Bobos, and the only way into a continent is with a corresponding Bobo citizen soldier. So make sure your papers are in order!
Each continent of the Bobo Kingdom will act as an in-game mini DAO, with voting functionality and a continent treasury wallet, initially funded by the team. Every continent has their own unique energy and culture, but they're equipped with the same areas and functionalities: a capital city, training camps and hibernation station. It is through the kingdom map that players can access these different areas with the Bobo of their choice.
De-Militarized Zone
Like many warring nations, the Boboverse has a DMZ, complete with a battle Arena! Right smack in the middle of the 4 continents you can find the Arena, where Bobo from all around the realm can fight to win! Why should battles end with death, when they can end in prizes?
Finally, the Bobo Silk Road connects all the continents in one thing all bobos have in common: trading (or actually, shorting); a place where players can buy and sell bobos, weapons, skins and houses, or lend their Bobos.

Intercontinental Battles

When a continent DAO votes on declaring war upon another continent, each continent has to put up a set % of their continent wallet $BOW holdings, and a new arena game mode is made available: War (Continent A vs Continent B). Anybody from the battling continents can play and form two teams (one for each continent) of 5 Bobos competing against each other, with the winning team earning their continent a battle star. After the end of the war (when a continent reaches 35 battle stars), the winning continent will receive $BOW tokens from the losers’ continent wallet, depending on the battle star difference.

Usage of Funds

The $BOW tokens of a continent are held in the continent's bank vault and are a direct indicator of the value of that continent.
Continents can choose whether or not to stake their continent's $BOW in a liquidity pool that sends back interest to holders, depending on the number of Bobos they have belonging to the continent.
Continents can also choose to upgrade their training camp, providing a higher multiplier to all Bobos that are currently enrolled in your continent's training camp. This same upgrade functionality can be done for the Hibernation Station, with higher level Hibernation Stations providing higher rewards to all staking Bobos that share that continent.
Every Continent is home to a vast number of virtual environments where you can fight, hibernate (stake), upgrade stats, build your dream Palace, declare war upon your foes...