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Arena - Multiplayer

Where Bobos battle it out with one another

Gameplay Basics

The arena is an FPS match comprised of 10 Bobos that play against one another to complete the objective or kill the most enemies, similar to Call of Duty. Before entering a match, the player selects the Bobo he will be competing with, as well as the main, secondary, melee weapons and gadgets he will take into battle.
Players can matchmake by themselves or team up with their friends to compete against other random players.


To enter an arena game, all you need is one Bobo NFT (even if it's in the training camp or hibernating). Any weapons you have in your Armory will be available to equip before entering, but if your collection is lacking do not fear - no Bobo has to go into battle unarmed! The default weapons are well-balanced and no less destructive! Two types of entries exist:
  • Free entry: Zen Mode. Players play in a more relaxing game with low stakes. Some free entry games can have a token prize for the winner. Kingdom rank isn't affected while playing in free entry games.
  • Betting entry: Beast Mode. Players play in a high stakes, high rewards game and play-to-earn. The entry fee bet, paid in $BOW tokens, is used as a reward for the game winners. Basically, players bet on themselves winning the game for a possible 6x profit if they come up on top!

Game modes

A variety of game modes will progressively roll out, starting with free-for-all and then expanding to capture the Bobo, team deathmatch, king of the arena, search and destroy... Some team game modes mean you'll be able to team up in duos or squad with your friends! Want to prove your superiority over your friends? Play in a 1v1 Arena Battle against a friend and bet money on yourself! Private matches will be available as well, with entry fee options to be on your team (or yourself) versus your friends!


At the end of each arena game, rewards are redistributed to the players. Each player's Bobos gets XP depending on the score they received during the match. In Betting games, first, second, and third place players split the majority of the token pot:
  • First place: 60%
  • Second place: 25%
  • Third place: 10%
  • Kingdom wallet: 3%
  • Winner's continent wallet: 2%
For example, with a 5 BOW entry fee game, the winner will get 3 BOW, second place 1.25BOW and 3rd place .5BOW.
Bobos with higher Arena Level have access to higher paying games with prize opportunities increasing rapidly as you play.

Loot Boxes

Every time your bobo levels up his Arena Level, you get to open a Loot box! Loot boxes contain a variety of gifts such as $BOW tokens, non-genesis weapons, weapons XP, skins, spraypaints, emotes… Loots boxes can also be bought with $BOW tokens but bought boxes won’t contain any $BOW prizes. This enables players who don’t want to buy $BOW tokens or weapons to be able to get some just by playing in the arena!