Training Camps | Mini-Games

Play mini games depending on your Bobo’s branch and upgrade it’s stats
Training camps are military facilities where Bobo owners can play mini-games in order to upgrade their Bobo's combat or defense level. After playing the minigame, the Bobo is sent for a chosen amount of days to "camp", and can choose which trait they want to improve: combat or defense. Once camp has finished, the owner can retrieve their Bobo with the upgraded combat/defense level, making it more valuable and a better fighter in the Arena!
Depending on your Continent's Training Camp level, training in the camp will increase your Bobo's stats by a higher amount. Choose wisely which Continent you want to be a part of, or win the wars to reap in better rewards!
Training Camp


4 types of minigames exist, depending on the military branch of the selected Bobo:
  1. 1.
    Shooting Range (Ground Force)
    • Shoot the most Bobo targets in the given time while using any weapons in the arsenal. The more targets you hit before time's up, the higher the score! Beware of dummy targets; if you shoot them, you're the one that'll take the hit!
    • Difficulties:
      • Easy: Real and fake still targets
      • Normal: Real and fake moving targets
      • Hard: Real, fake, and Cursed moving targets
  2. 2.
    Fighter Jet (Air Force) - Coming soon
    • Control Bobo's fighter jet and destroy the most target cities in the given time using the plane's missiles. Careful! You don't want to be hit by the defense aerial turrets!
  3. 3.
    Seas Destroyer (Marines) - Coming soon
    • Control the turrets of the Bobo's marines destroyer and eliminate the waves of enemy ships before they take you out. Obliterate the final boss, the Bulls nuclear aircraft carrier, to get the highest score!
  4. 4.
    Secret Service Mission (Covert Ops) - Coming soon
    • Stealth operator, your mission is to gain access to the Bank vault as quickly as possible! Put down the guards without making noise, find the access codes and bring out as much BOW (figurative) as you can before the BoboCop shows up!

Combat/Defense level upgrade

The rate at which the combat/defense level goes up depends on how long the Bobo stays in the training camp, as well as the score obtained in the mini-game and the chosen difficulty level. The more consecutive days the Bobo stays in the camp, the higher its combat/defense level goes up. For example, while a Bobo staying in camp for 2 days might have his combat level go up by 22 points, the combat of a Bobo staying in camp for 5 days will go up by 62 points. The score obtained while playing the minigame also influences the amount by which the level progresses.
Please note that when you are staking your Bobo NFT in the Training Camp, you can still interact with the Arena and the Boboverse