B.o.W Lore

Dr. Frankoff Pepenstein
Dr. Dimitri Pepenstein
Classified Lore:​
Bobo is the patron saint of Bearish Markets. Whether it's crypto, stocks or commodities, trust you can always find a Bobo there when the chips are down, laughing in the bulls’ faces! Coincidence that the market dropped 25% within 48 hours of the B.o.W launch, or simply the all-knowing Bobo intuition? You’ll have to decide for yourself. Born from the internet and confined by its virtual walls (other than the occasional quantum leap to the third dimension via waves, of course), Bobo needed a loving home and community deserving of their presence but entertaining enough to keep them from blowing stuff up! It’s for this reason that we decided to create a lore-rich, expansive metaverse for this well-known character who takes part in our day-to-day crypto life. Outside of the Boboverse, you can usually find Bobo hanging around their usual haunts on twitter and reddit.
A friend to some and an adversary to literally everyone else, this harbinger of destruction will show up when the candles are red and the market is bleeding. But greater possibilities always have the opportunity to grow from the ashes of destruction, and trust that Bobo will be the first one there to seize them.
So remind the bull who’s boss by befriending a Bobo, who will more than happily rise to the occasion! By design, Boboverse will provide the most profitable play during the upcoming bear market.
20th of January 2022 - Bobos of War launch