BOW Token

$BOW tokens function as the primary utility token within the Boboverse.

Use Cases

The $BOW token is the native token of the Bobo Kingdom and can be traded in the Bobo Bank or at an exchange in order to:
🐻 Buy Bobos, weapons, skins, extra loot boxes and houses NFTs at one of the Silk Road merchants 🐻 Upgrade weapons' accessories 🐻 Play in betting Arena Battles (P2E) 🐻 Used as one of the Casino currencies (with SOL) 🐻 Buy limited exclusive furniture (soldier statues, vintage & sport cars...) for your Bobo House You will also be able to play-to-earn, farm, and stake your tokens in the various environments of your Bobo’s continent. The $BOW token is integrated in many of the Boboverse’s functions and can also be earned through Arena bet games, loot boxes, staking, completing missions, working at BoboDonalds...
With every $BOW transaction, a percentage of the transaction fee is divided into different areas that will support and grow the Boboverse. This will be discussed in detail in our 2.0 version of the whitepaper. By using primitive finance protocols such as token buying/selling, single asset staking and more, value added functions will assist the growth of the community and utility of Bobo NFTs as well as the $BOW token!


A 2.0 whitepaper will be released for the IDO with a complete break down of the $BOW tokenomics which is already under development plus a in depth view of how the $BOW token interacts within the ecosystem. We also intend to have staking going live in February so you could expect more information about it in the next days.

In-Game DeFi/GameFi

  • Stake your Bobo NFT via Hibernation Station
  • Make your Bobo NFT work in BoboDonalds
  • Lend your Bobo NFT in the Bobo Reserves and earn a cut on the borrower's Arena profits
  • Liquidity providers able to lock LP tokens for $BOW rewards
  • Staking $BOW as a single-asset stake to earn additional $BOW tokens