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The 4 military factions of Bobos of War plus a bonus Bobo trait

Ground Force - 40%

The Bobo Ground Force is composed of the strongest and most reliable warriors known to man. They are no strangers to fear, yet always face it head-on without hesitation. Adaptable and decisive, members of the Ground Force are well-versed in a wide variety of land-combat weaponry, as well as weapons of mass destruction. Ground Force Bobos have access to the Shooting Range Training Camp mini-game to upgrade their Combat and Defense levels.

Air Force - 30%

Free-spirited explorers, daring risk-takers and affable competitors, members of the Bobo Air Force know that sometimes, rules are meant to be broken! Imagination and creativity are the Air Force’s bread and butter, and they love their gadgets just as much as their aircrafts. Air Force Bobos have access to the Fighter Jet Training Camp mini-game to upgrade their Combat and Defense levels.

Marine Corps - 10%

When we say “the best, of the best, of the best,” we’re referring to the Bobo Marine Corp: an elite military force valuing courage and brotherhood as the highest qualities. Prepared to dominate any sea they encounter, the Marines are specially trained to use maritime weapons, tools and armor. Marine Corps Bobos have access to the Seas Destroyer Training Camp mini-game to upgrade their Combat and Defense levels.

Covert Ops - 20%

Behind every dependable military power is an even more dependable, super-secret military power backing them up! Enter: Bobo Covert Operations. Schemers, plotters and spies, members of the Bobo Covert Ops are masters of the arts of listening and waiting - and they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty for the sake of the greater good. Covert Ops Bobos have access to the Secret Service Mission Training Camp mini-game to upgrade their Combat and Defense levels.

Mutants - 10% (888 out of 8888)

Like humans (and Bobos), science can sometimes be flawed. During the cloning process, we have observed that 10% of Bobos will spontaneously react to Dr. Pepenstein’s unique DNA, resulting in a Mutant Bobo. All mutants have a singular special ability, making them the rarest and most powerful Bobos of all. Their unmatched strength and unique appearance make them incredibly easy to track, however, and as such aren't the best Covert Ops agents. Besides the unique look and higher rarity feature, Mutant-Bobo provides you additional benefits such as:
  • Higher Staking Rewards in the Hibernation Station
  • Unlocking the 3rd Perk by upgrading Arena Level which opens up to great advantages in the battlefield
  • An initial higher combat and defense level
  • At the beginning, upgrades arena level quicker
You don't choose your Bobo, Bobo chooses you. Depending on your Bobo, a military faction will be assigned to you along with your continent.