Animated Series
We know, we are just dying to see your adorable Bobo BFF on the big screen and see what shenanigans they get into throughout the Boboverse. Who wouldn't want to cozy up with a tasty snack and their favorite teddy to Bobo Blasters, or Bobo Blasters 2: Electric Boogaloo? Unfortunately, those titles have been banned from the Boboverse due to graphic nudity - but hope is not lost, because our team is bringing animation to the gamification table with our Bobo Animated Series! Each episode will be a short video reflecting major events made by our animation studios, for your viewing pleasure.
We have already released a preview of the war and hibernation station via our teasers and trailers, and we will be releasing many more short trailers for the upcoming announcements we have to come! Look forward to glimpses of our training camp demo, interactive staking, new Boboverse environments and so on.