B.o.W Team

an ever evolving Team
Our core team-members have been around crypto as early as 2016. Together with a shared vision, we aim to grow organically and deliver quality content over quantity, setting a new standard for high-quality NFT projects. For the past 7 months we have formed a vast and experienced team of 20 members, with more than 30 contributors for the whole project.
Kwengo - Co-Founder & Dev
Full stack programmer specializing in Python, JavaScript, Rust and Unity. Overseeing the game production as well as smart contract integration for staking and hibernation stations.
Landlord - Co-Founder
Primary experience is in traditional finance, specializing in the equities market but now has transferred those skills and interests towards blockchain helping B.o.W with their utility applications. ModRanger - Co-Founder
Serial entrepreneur with 4 successful businesses under his belt. Keeps things on track and takes care of HR, a little of legal and logistics.
Richard - Gaming Advisor
Our most recent addition to our team comes from the corporate world at a big gaming company (TBA). Advises on new team additions and overall vision as well as technical direction of the gaming development.
Scully - Software Dev
Another recent addition to our dev team that will be working on a more robust desktop application allowing us to really create a fun and immersive gaming experience.
Brady – UI Artist
Contributed to Apex Legends, Call of Duty series and Titanfall and now is heading up the UI for all of our menus, as well as complete overhaul of FPS HUD.
Shannon - Unity Dev
C# wiz familiar with software architecture to ensure B.o.W scales and working on artist/dev workflow at the moment.
Etienne - Game Artist
Over 11 years of experience with in-game asset design, Etienne was crucial to the Ground Force’s training camp assets. His extensive experience with Unity made sure the assets looked amazing on all Bobo holder’s devices.
Elisa - Artist
With over 18 years of Illustration experience, Elisa's skills and creative vision helped bring our project to life. We were very excited when she designed and illustrated most Bobos of War’s V1 traits, as well as the core Bobos.
AliWood Studios - Animators and VFX Artists
12 years of experience in animation business. Animation and character rigging was carefully done by this team to showcase what they can really do in the short time they had with two stunning and complex trailers.
David - Art Director
One of our senior members with over 20 years of experience in illustration and animation. Oversaw our Classic Bobos, traits, and the Genesis collection.
Jeremy - GIF Artist
One of our later additions to the art team, but an invaluable part of the Bobo family. From trait revisions to GIFs, production quality was top notch, which turned him into one of the most important pillars for the art success of the project. His GIFs are some of the most coveted pieces of the collection. Currently working on the Baby Bobos, Prisoners and icons for all gaming elements.
LeoArt Studios - Artist & Animator
While our other animating team was working on two trailers, Leo and his team got started and finished our teasers and animation screens for games.
Benjamin FOX - 3D Animation & Character Development
Successfully worked on over 20 shipped titles, the crew at Fox joined us to ensure our animation loops were spot on. On top of that, they were able to give Bobo a life in the Boboverse with character rigging in the gaming realm.
Ex Gaming - 3D Environment & Level Design
With so many buildings needed to house all our protocols and functionalities, we partnered with a few gaming studios like EX Gaming that is making out interactive 3D design for our Bobank.
Ferdinand - Interior Level Design
Specializes in interior room design and 3D environments, took care of the hibernation station and office development. He is currently working on the Bobodonalds and the Casino interior for our Boboverse.
Lucien - Isometric Artist & Animator
Completed all the isometric map buildings and is now working on the exterior of palaces, casinos, and majority of the Bobo dwellings.
Zoobar – 3D Weapons Specialist
Working on the 3D weapons we will airdrop to holders, as well as use in arena and training camps.
Tanya – Copywriter
Most of our written content has gone through her filter, including the entire lore, website, and the whitepaper. Gabin - Kingdom Map and Website Illustration
Working on connecting on all the locations from training camps to houses on a 2D interactive map. Lawyers
They oversee employees contracts, NDAs as well as future partnerships agreements.