The next generation - Additional use cases for your Bobo NFT
The arrival of the next-generation NFT gaming experience signals the arrival of the future - one where users are provided with the virtual space to individually establish themselves. By creating a totally immersive metaverse complete with gaming, social networking and fully-functioning economy, we are offering a virtual oasis that supports its own ecosystem as well as your prerogative - whether it’s to buy, sell and trade in-game assets, play (PvP), work (P2E), hang out with friends (and enemies), or to simply destroy everything that stands in your path - anything you would do IRL can be done in the Boboverse!
Since you’ll be here awhile, we aim to offer you a much more interactive and customizable gaming experience where users are continually unlocking different features and benefits inside of Boboverse. Navigate in-and-out of gaming environments, build and decorate your home, interact with the same players in multiple spaces, and celebrate your wins with friends! Users can easily transition from single-player activities and solo missions to a multiplayer experience, where everyone can play and build together - depending on which continent you live on anyway, because Bobos are surprisingly elitist!
Our immersive world relies on interaction with others via GameFi, and we have some major developments planned for the near and not-so-near futures. Step one has been developing the browser experience, which will be followed by the iOS app and desktop app versions. While browser games are beneficial for accessibility and beta testing, it simply can’t keep up with the vision we have for the Boboverse! To attain the level of immersion and user-engagement we have planned, more realistic and high-quality graphics are a must. Beautiful graphics and sexy transitions require more data, and all it takes is a slightly sub-par internet connection for load times to shoot up to 5-10 minutes. That’s why we already started developing our desktop game, to provide users with a superior gaming platform and more efficiently using their machine’s GPU and memory.
Mobile gaming is less about the graphics and all about the accessibility, so the iOS app will essentially be Boboverse Lite. We will begin implementing mobile gaming via Phantom browser before releasing our app, which will include a broader range of the Boboverse.
Our Desktop and Mobile versions are a ways off from playability, however we will be updating our browser version with demos and beta tests so users can begin staking and familiarizing themselves with gaming elements and controls. In the meantime, we’ll be over here focusing on creating the best-looking and smoothest-loading feature-packed game we can offer!
So, let's go through each of the game elements we currently have, individually: