Bobo Silk Road

In game interactive marketplace
The BSR is our game-integrated marketplace where players can trade bobos, weapons, skins and houses. The on-chain (Solana) metadata, such as bobo combat level and weapon equipment levels, will be directly shown on listings, making this the best place to view and buy in-game assets compared to third-party marketplaces.
With the help of Magic Eden, we are able to offer our users a marketplace that allows for in-game trading of all Boboverse NFTs using $BOW tokens.


Gun Dealer

Talk to the Gun Dealer to find the best weapon match for your play style. Players can trade their weapon NFTs at the Gun Dealer’s store. Each listed weapon’s specs will be displayed, contrary to other marketplaces that do not display on-chain metadata. This merchant also sells normal (non-genesis) weapons in exchange for $BOW tokens, to obtain them faster than by playing in the Arena.

Skins Dealer

The skins dealer offers a plethora of skins being traded by bobo throughout the Kingdom. Buy or sell your rare and unique skins.

Bobo Reserves

The Bobo Reserves is the main marketplace for Bobo soldiers. Players can choose to buy or sell Bobos and holders have the option to lend their Bobos to other players so they can earn income while providing the opportunity to newer players to play (and earn) in the Arena.

Real Estate Agent

Visit the Real Estate Agent to buy and sell your Bobo Houses to any other Bobo holder.

Weaponsmith's Forge & Armory

The Weapon Smith is your one stop for all weapon needs. There, you can have a look at all your weapon NFTs, their information, skins applied... Go to the forgery to upgrade your weapon accessories with $BOW once certain levels of XP are earned. It is here where you can manage your weapons, burn skins onto them, see the lists of weapon-specific quests and the rewards they offer as well as upgrade the weapon’s accessories.