Phase 1

Bobo NFT

  • Bobos of War Classic (PNG) - Army of 8450 highly trained Bobos, functioning as the gateway to the Bobo Kingdom.
  • Bobos of War Genesis (GIF) - 50 Rare animated BoW NFTs will be available to mint, adding a multiplier bonus for all XP and $BOW tokens, and an exclusive 3D playable Bobo for Arena battles.
  • Bobos of War PoW - Secret mission to save the 388 Bobo Prisoners of War (BoW PoW), including 38 Genesis. The community will have various ways in which they will be able to rescue (and get!) these Bobo prisoners (giveaways, competitions, rescue missions, raffles…).

Game Environments

The very first training camp mini-game as well as the 3D environments of the game will be available for Bobo owners to go play and explore.
  • First Training Camp for Ground Forces – Alpha Testing
  • Bobo Kingdom map release
  • 3D Capital cities and Hibernation station will be available to visit
  • 3D Bobo Bank, Governmental Palace, Common Hall, Casino hotel and Bobo homes will be available to visit
  • Launch Hibernation Station with various staking options
  • Bobo casino opens with one game having $BOW, skins and weapons available to wager
  • Launch of Government Palace, home of the Bobo Kingdom DAO


Expansion on the other branch’s training camp minigames and alpha launch of the arena matches.
  • Training Camp for Air Force #2 (Bobo Jet)
  • Training Camp for Navy #3 (Marine Destroyer)
  • Training Camp for Covert Ops #4 (Classified)
  • Launch of desktop game app
  • Launch of Arena Alpha