Bobos Of War - DAO

What is a DAO - Governance

Decentralized autonomous organization - or DAO - is essentially a program that is coded using data submitted by a group of people to make unilateral "decisions" in place of a leader. In this case, B.o.W NFT holders will be given the opportunity to vote or voice their opinion on what direction they would like to see the game go in, and that information becomes part of the DAO programming: a system that is governed by code written by its users, as opposed to a system that is governed by the choices of one person or team of people. Our goal has always been to make this project to be ran by the community to the community. Bobo is owned by no one, but yet by everyone. Voice your opinion as to where you want to see Bobos of War go next!


To join the DAO, you must be a holder 2 Bobo NFTs in your Solana wallet. This will grant you one vote towards a proposal or voting measure. You will sign to confirm you are the owner of the wallet and the Bobo NFT to lock in your vote. Number of Bobos, Rank & Benefits
1 Bobo = B.o.W Soldier
2 Bobos = DAO Membership & B.o.W Sergeant
3 Bobos = First Sergeant (early access to game updates + Bungalow airdrop)
10 Bobos = B.o.W Colonel (earlier access to game updates + Residence airdrop)
15 Bobos = B.o.W Marshal (very early access to game updates + Mansion airdrop)
30 Bobos = B.o.W General (earliest access to game updates + Palace airdrop)