Capital Cities

Central Hub of each Continent, grouping the Bank, Casino, Governmental palace, Bobo Houses, BoboDonalds…
Capital cities are the main hub of each continent. They host a variety of buildings including the Bank, the Governmental Palace, the Common Hall as well as the hotel and houses. Players can travel to their bobo's capital cities in order to access the diverse functionalities they encompass.


Build a home for your Bobo to display their weapons, assets, and Solana NFTs. A place to entertain guests...pretty much anything you would normally do in a home. This is a simulation, after all.
Different tiers of Bobo houses exist, airdropped depending on the number of Bobos in your wallet(s):
  1. 1.
    Bobo Bungalow (3+ Bobos) - one living room
  2. 2.
    Bobo Lodge (7+ Bobos) - living room, dining room and kitchen
  3. 3.
    Bobo Residence (10+ Bobos) - bedroom, living room, office, dining room, kitchen
  4. 4.
    Bobo Mansion (15+ Bobos) - 2 levels - 8 rooms which additionally includes conservatory, pool and garage with sport cars
  5. 5.
    Bobo Palace (30+ Bobos) - 3 levels - 12 rooms which also includes pool house, indoor Swimming Pool/Spa, Fitness room, wine cellar, game room, and a garage you can fill with whatever your heart desires
The upgrade from one tier to another provides additional rooms as well as a bigger interior to decorate your home using our furniture assets. Build your dream house with various choices of free furniture including but not limited to chairs, couches, beds, tables, art frames for Solana NFTs and even Bobo soldier statues. There will also be doper and more rare pieces of furniture you can purchase and even win. Players can decorate by themselves or invite a few friends and get to build together! Furthermore, each of the Bungalow, Lodge, Residence, Mansion & Palace have a unique outdoor view to ponder all life's questions.
All Bobo houses come as an NFT which will be airdropped to holders and a snapshot date range will be announced on Discord and Twitter weeks prior. This NFT contains metadata about the house as well as a unique identifier, allowing you to save information about the interior decorations you placed and it's location. This means Bobo houses can be sold on any Solana marketplace with the saved unique interior design you made! This functionality also implies that designers and home interior artists can earn money by decorating someone else’s house for a price.
Once pleased with the design of your house, you can invite friends and hang around with voice chat, watch videos together or even listen to music.

The Bobo Bank

The bank is a paradise for Bobo traders, investors, and those interested in the DeFi aspect of Bobos of War. It's the one-stop-fits-all for all $BOW related services (buying and selling tokens, single asset staking, etc.), all in a fully interactive 3D environment. The vault, located in the center of the bank building holds all of its continent’s $BOW tokens… better not have a criminal Bobo break into it.
The Bank
The Vault

Governmental Palace

The governmental palace is located on each continent and is made up of two distinct sections. On one hand, the continent parliament is where the DAO members of the nation can vote on continent related matters. On the other hand, the kingdom-wide parliament where bigger, more important decisions are taken for the whole project.

Casino Hotel (under construction)

Soldiers need to blow off a little steam from time to time, and gambling is one of the oldest, tried-and-true vices of them all! Stop by the Casino to play a variety of classic card games, putting your weapons, skins and $BOW tokens on the line. Will you win big, or go home weaponless?
A variety of on-chain and off-chain casino games exist like:
  • Coin Flip / Dice roll (Special partnership)
  • Slot machines
  • Poker (multiplayer with friends)
  • Roulette
All games utilize $SOL or $BOW tokens to play and rewards are earned in the same currency that the user placed the bet with.
  • Coin flip, here a $BOW token will be thrown into the air and when the toss is complete if your Bobo picks the right side, he gets paid.
  • The slot machine offers diverse prizes from $BOW tokens to weapons and skins.
  • Casino nights will take place in which casino games like Poker will be hosted by the BoboTeam, involving a large jackpot for players!
  • The roulette game will let you choose between three colors and 37 numbers (or 0,00).
May the luck be with you Bobo.

Hall of Fame

Visit the Hall of Fame, featuring the best warriors of the Kingdom. Be in the top players in the world to have a chance to have your Bobo featured in the B.o.W HoF!

BoboDonalds - Making your Bobo work

The restaurant is the place for earning extra $BOW tokens by a different staking method, known as Work to Earn, which means, you would need to enter the restaurant, clock in and you will be rewarded till you clock out depending on the time you spend in there working. This environment is the safe haven (safe social environment) for the unemployed bulls during the bear market.