Because who doesn't love baby Bobos
By owning 2 Bobos of War NFTs, plus an exact amount of $BOW tokens, you will be able to claim a Baby Bobo NFT, cloned using the DNA of your Bobos.
The type of NFT you receive will depend on the parent Bobos of War: Bobo (Classic) + Bobo (Classic) = 100 % Baby Bobo NFT (PNG file) Bobo (Classic) + Bobo (Genesis) = 50% chance for Animated Baby Bobo NFT (GIF file) Bobo (Genesis) + Bobo (Genesis) = 80% Animated Baby Bobo NFT (GIF file)
Baby Bobos never grow old and in the beginning, will be too tiny to train or fight at the arena and training camp, but they are very rare and unique (only 1111); their purpose in life is not only to be cute but holding one will unlock additional benefits in your BoboHouse... yes, everything is interconnected.
As time passes and we expand, the player base will increase but supply is locked. That is why Baby Bobos will be able to fight and train later on.