Hibernation Station | Staking

Staking your Bobo NFT via our Hibernation Station

Hibernate and Earn Rewards

The hibernation station is a 3D lab located on each continent. Travel with your Bobo to this secret scientific building and place your Bobo in a hibernation pod in order to stake the NFT! Take a tour of the different hibernation pods which provide various staking options. Bobos with higher Kingdom ranks and/or higher Rarity ranks get access to better staking opportunities. Seamless stake/unstake function with no time limits, unstaking requirements or fees gives users the freedom to stake their NFT at their leisure. $BOW rewards are accumulated on a daily basis, but a majority is lost if the player decides to wake up his Bobo before the set timer. An innotive 3D interactive staking is currently being developed and worked on and in the next few days we will be disclosing the rarity based staking rewards for the beloved Bobos.
Similarly to Training Camps, Hibernation Stations have different levels, upgradable by its Continent DAO. Higher level Hibernation Stations offer better rewards to hibernating Bobos belonging to the continent.
Hibernation Station
Please note that when you are staking your Bobo NFT via the Hibernation Station, you can still interact with the Arena and the Boboverse.