Phase 2

United Bobo Kingdom

Integration of the $BOW token around the already existing gameplay but with utility taking a core place in the player’s progress.
  • $BOW Single Asset Staking - BoboBank in 3D
  • $BOW DEX listing and Magic Eden in game token integration
  • Bobo in-game Marketplace via Magic Eden - Bobo Silk Road launched, using the in-game $BOW token as a currency.


Deployment of weapon NFTs that can be used within the arena and are composed of two elements: upgradeable equipment and cosmetic skins.
  • First airdrop of 3D weapons and sales of weapons via in store shop BSR
  • Launch of weapon’s equipment upgrade at the weaponsmith (barrel, scope, stock, magazine..)
  • Introduction of Skins, cosmetic NFTs for your weapons
  • Skins are 2D texture NFTs that can be applied to any weapon NFT to change its appearance. Skins can be bought and sold on the silk road marketplace with $BOW tokens. A variety of skins of varying rarities exist, with some being 1/1s, and others being dropped on the marketplace for mint.
  • Quests to receive $BOW token prizes - TBD
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