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Playable NFTs

There are 3 types of playable (not counting Houses) NFTs in B.o.W: Bobos, weapons and skins. While Bobos are playable characters, weapons and skins can be upgraded, traded, bought and sold in various areas of the Bobo Kingdom.

Characterized Bobos

Each of the 8888 bobos is a unique and playable character in the Bobo Kingdom. Bobos can be part of one out of the 4 military branches which will influence what type of game they play in the training camp.
  • Bobo Classic (PNG) - 8450 Bobo NFTs will be available to mint, granting users access to the World Map, DAOs, Games, 3D playable Bobo
  • Bobo Genesis (GIF) - 50 Rare animated Bobo NFTs will be available to mint, adding a multiplier bonus for all XP and $BOW tokens (in addition to all the same benefits of PNG holders)
  • Bobo Prisoners (Mixed) - 388 new unique and exclusive Bobo NFTs that will be available through giveaways, quests, auctions and other methods.
With two scavenger hunts and one giveaway under our belts, we will be releasing more information regarding all our quests, scavenger hunts, and giveaways in the coming future.
Perks are in game performance enhancers that offer diverse bonuses that suit a player's fighting style. They are immutable (can't be changed) and are unlocked as the Bobo's arena level increases. However, Perk n°3 can only be unlocked by mutant bobos or bobos holding a perk flask as a hand item (providing a unique perk only attainable with these).
Every Bobo has a combat and defense level that can be increased by staking the bobo in the training camp. Combat is used as a multiplier for critical shots in the arena while Defense increases the amount of equipped armor. Each Bobo has a special ability that can be used once charged up (by earning score points in an arena match), similar to an “ultimate” on Overwatch.
The Arena Level of a Bobo can be increased simply by playing in the arena. The better the performance, the higher it goes up and level goes up twice as fast in betting arena games. Higher level Bobos get access to exclusive features such as being able to play with more complex weapons, unlocking the second perk or the third (for mutants) and access to higher entry bet/profit games. As such, simply by playing in the Arena, players will be increasing the value of their Bobo NFT, even if they lose the game!
Kingdom rank is your position in the Kingdom wide Arena leaderboard. Higher ranked Bobos get access to better staking opportunities in the Hibernation Station as well as other benefits like entering the Bobo Hall of Fame.
Every Bobo has a unique set of missions (Kill 10 enemies without dying, win 100 games…) to complete in the arena, reaping rewards in the form of $BOW and unique skins or weapons.

Bobos have the following metadata:

  • Stored on Arweave :
    • Name
    • Traits
    • 2D image and 3D model (post launch)
    • Military branch
    • Continent
    • Perk 1
    • Perk 2
    • Perk 3
  • Stored on Solana chain (upgradable):
    • Special Ability
    • Combat Level
    • Defense Level
    • Arena Level & XP
    • Kingdom Rank (leaderboard)


Vulture Bobo
Replenish ammo from killed bobos
Third Eye
Bigger minimap
Stack'd Up
Use two primary weapons
Infuriated Bear
Increase movement speed and reduce fall damage
Bear Scent
Enemies leave behind footprint trails
Move and talk silently
Fat Bobo
Reduce damage from explosives by 15% and health regen from explosives is faster
Undetectable by enemy spy equipments
Resistance to flash bangs and stun grenades. Immune to gas.
Stacked Bobo
Start with maximum ammo reserve
Earn additional XP for kills
High Explosives
Start with extra piece of equipment (grenade…). Explosive equipment does more damage.
Increase weapon swap and reload speed.
Last Breath
Drop a hand Grenade on death
Move 15% faster when walking and crouching
RamBobo Fire
Increase fire rate by 15%
Increase hip fire accuracy