Weapons & Skins


Weapons are 3D NFTs that can be stylized with skins and used by your bobo in the arena. Weapons can be bought and sold on the silk road marketplace with $BOW tokens.
Each weapon possesses different accessories such as barrel, optic, stock, ammunition, etc... that are directly responsible for the weapon's stats. The level of each accessory can be upgraded, making the weapon even stronger.
Weapons possess an overall level attribute that can be increased by playing with them in the Arena. In betting arena games, the weapon level increases at twice the speed. Each time a weapon levels up, the player can upgrade one accessory piece at the Weaponsmith's Forgery using $BOW therefore upgrading the weapon's statistics. This also means that simply by playing in the Arena, players will increase the value of their Weapon NFT!
The complexity level of a weapon dictates the necessary arena level a Bobo has to surpass before being able to play with said weapon. If your Bobo's arena level is too low, he might not be able to play with some high complexity level weapons.
3 different types of weapons exist and are all present in the collection. Holders of bobos with hand items will receive the hand item NFT version by airdrop with which they'll be able to play with in the arena. These weapons include:
  • Primary and secondary weapons (assault rifle, submachine gun, sniper, hand pistol...)
  • Melee weapons (combat knife, taser, katana...)
  • Gadgets (grenade, flash grenade, honeypot, cocktail Molotov, bong (smoke grenade)...)

Genesis Weapons

Genesis weapons are the weapons present in the Bobo collection as hand items, that will be airdropped to holders. They are the most unique weapons and offer a new thrilling experience everytime you try a new one! Finally, the supply of each Genesis weapon is limited to the number of Bobos having that weapon as a hand item, meaning they are quite rare!

Normal Weapons

Basic weapons have a much larger supply and will not be airdropped but obtained by playing the game through loot boxes, Bobo missions, Casino rewards, or by buying them at the Gun Merchant.
Each weapon has the following metadata:
  • Stored on Arweave:
    • Weapon name
    • Type
    • 3D Model
    • Base skin texture
    • Genesis (True or False)
  • Stored on Solana:
    • Name
    • Accessories (with levels)
    • Burnt skin
    • Complexity level
    • Level
    • XP
    • Available accessory upgrade points
Weapons can be stylized by applying a skin onto them.
Every weapon has a set of quests associated with it, challenges offering unique weapon upgrades and skins as rewards for completing them.

Weapon stats

The precision of the weapon to hit it's target
Fire Power / Damage
How much health is removed from the hit enemy
Fire Rate
The speed at which the weapon fires consecutive rounds
How well the weapon can be controlled
The distance at which bullets fired from this weapon can still damage targets


Skins are 2D texture NFTs that can be applied to any weapon NFT to change its appearance. Skins can be bought and sold on the silk road marketplace with $BOW tokens. A variety of skins of varying rarity exist, with some being 1/1s, some being airdropped, and others obtained through loot boxes or weapon and bobo missions.
While a skin can be applied on multiple weapons at once, the players have to have the skin in their wallet to be able to play with it in-game. Once sold or transferred to another wallet, weapons that had that skin applied will go back to the default appearance.
Each skin has the following metadata:
Stored on Arweave:
  • Skin Name
  • Skin Texture Image