Official Bobos of War - Whitepaper

Bobos of War: Blending NFTs with GameFi on the Solana Blockchain

The early generations of NFT gaming primarily focused on digital collectables, later introducing limited play-to-earn functionality; B.o.W. will be part of the 3rd generation of NFT gaming. Bobos of War is an immersive metaverse that combines DeFi with a gamified P2E and Digital Real Estate, for the simple and wholesome purpose of having fun while expanding activities in the Boboverse. By combining the P2E layer with PvP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment) gaming structures, B.o.W will provide users with multiple ways to earn $BOW tokens, however the mood strikes!
We’re excited to build an ecosystem that not only exposes our users to a valuable NFT collection, but also offers them the possibility to be fully immersed in a vast Metaverse.
Your B.o.W NFT looks great as a PFP, but it's so much more than just a cute avatar; your Bobo is a playable, ever-changing character that will accompany you on your travels into training camps, battle arenas, mad science labs and more! By holding a Bobo NFT, you are also granted exclusive access to everything the Boboverse has to offer:
  • ​Arena: Test your Bobo's strength against other Bobos in a First Person Shooter with various game modes.
  • ​Training camps: Play mini games to level up your Bobo's battle stats.
  • ​Hibernation Station: Stake your Bobo for additional $BOW tokens.
  • ​Capital cities: Visit all of the 3D interactable environments such as the BoboBank, Casino, Governmental Palace, Hall of Fame and BoboDonalds.
  • ​Bobo Houses: Decorate your dream Palace and invite friends over to chat, watch videos or vibe to music together!
  • ​Casino: Stop by the Casino to play a variety of classic games, putting your weapons, skins, $SOL and $BOW tokens on the line.
  • ​Bobo Silk Road: Buy and sell weapons, skins and Bobos at a variety of merchants or lend your Bobos to new players within the Bobo Reserve to earn a share of their profits in the Arena!
And that's just the beginning! The Boboverse is an ever-expanding world that will change and grow reactively based on user-involvement, B.o.W community, and the DAO, so the earlier you bring a Bobo into your life, the more influence you will have on what new features we choose to install (OG designation), and which of the current features we want to add more content to. New features will be continually added to our metaverse – many of which we have planned, but many more of which have yet to be discovered!
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